You may want to add gap time during a service to be able to schedule another appointment in the service processing time. Adding gap time may be particularly useful in the case of services such as a full head dye, in which case processing time is necessary once dye has been applied and the employee is available to attend to another customer. 

Adding gap time will free up the time slot in the employee calendar and make it available for online booking. The gap time will be included in the total service duration visible for customers. If resources have been assigned to a given service, it will not be made available for the duration of the gap, but will stay booked from the beginning of the first part of the service until the end of the second part. > Find out more about assigning resources to services.

In order to add gap time to a service:

  1. Click services in the left sidebar
  2. Click add service in the right upper corner if you'd like to add a new service or select the service you'd like to add gap time to from the list of services
  3. If adding a new service, complete the details, as explained in the article about adding a new service
  4. In point 4. Duration, click Advanced:
  5. Select the Gap time checkbox and set the length of the gap:
  6. Click save and then save service once you have added all details.


If you want to add gaps to services with variants, click Edit gap time in the adding variants form and set the length of the gap for each variant individually:

If the service duration is different depending on the employee performing the service, the difference will be applied to the second part of the service and the duration of the first part will always stay the same.

Gap time is not included in employees' work time.

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