You may want to add extra time to services to avoid possible delays resulting from scheduling appointments one after another without any spare time for preparing the salon before a service starts or after it is finished. Versum allows you to add prep time and/or recovery time and decide how much extra time is needed for each service individually. 

Adding prep rime and recovery time will block the time slots in the appointment book and make them unavailable for online booking. Service duration visible to customers will not include the extra time added to the service. 

In order to add prep time and/or recovery time:

  1. Click services in the left sidebar
  2. Click add service in the right upper corner if you'd like to add a new service or select the service you'd like to add extra time to from the list of services
  3. If adding a new service, complete the details, as explained in the article about adding a new service
  4. In point 4. Duration, click Advanced:
  5. Select the Prep time and/or Recovery time checkbox and set the length of the time slots:
  6. Click save and then save service once you have added all details.

Note: You can edit the previously set prep time and recovery time in the appointment book. For example, if you decide that the extra time is not necessary in the case of a given appointment or if two appointments are scheduled one after another with recovery time set for the first one and prep time for the second one, you may want to edit the time slots. To do it, simply drag and drop one of the appointments in the appointment book:

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