Once you enable the feature of prepayments, select whether you want prepayments to be required for all services in your salon's offer or just for selected services. If the latter is the case, the next step will be to specify the prepayment amount for those services for which you want to require prepayments. You can do it in the service form when adding or editing a service.

If you enable prepayments for all services, the same amount/percentage of prepayment will be required to book each service from your offer. If you want to require a different prepayment for some services, you can create exceptions in the service form. 

Note: In the case of services with a price range, the prepayment percentage is calculated based on the lowest price point. In the case of service variants, it is possible to set a prepayment amount for each variant individually.

In order to set the prepayment amount for a new service:

  1. Sign in to Versum as an administrator
  2. Click services in the left sidebar
  3. Click add service in the right upper corner
  4. Enter the service details > More about adding a new service
  5. Click Show in the Advanced section:
  6. In Prepayment, deselect the Apply the default prepayment amount checkbox and enter the prepayment percentage or amount that will be required for the service. If you choose a percentage, the calculated amount will be shown below:
  7. Once you enter all details, click save service.

In order to edit the prepayment amount:

  1. Sign in to Versum as an administrator
  2. Click services in the left sidebar
  3. Click the name of the service that you want to edit 
  4. Click Show in the Advanced section:
  5. Introduce changes in Prepayment as in the case of adding a new service
  6. Click save service.