Introducing a prepayment policy will help you reduce the number of no-shows in your salon. Having made a prepayment, clients feel motivated to show up on the scheduled date and you gain more financial security in case they forget about their appointments. 

Versum gives you the possibility to enter information about prepayments made by your clients into the system. In order to start using the feature, you need to enable it first. > How to enable prepayments

How does it work?

After you have enabled prepayments in Versum, you will be able to determine the default prepayment amount for all services offered in your salon. Alternatively, you can enable prepayments for selected services and set the prepayment amount for each service individually in the service record. You can decide whether you want the to set a percentage of the service price or a fixed amount of money.

The set amount will now be required when scheduling an appointment in the appointment book. Once the customer pays the amount, change the prepayment status to "paid". Thanks to that, when checking out the appointment, the prepayment will be subtracted from the amount to pay.

All the information regarding the customer's prepayments balance and the transaction history can be found in the customer record. The revenue from prepayments will also be accounted for in financial reports.

What are the benefits?

Prepayments will motivate your customers to show up for their appointments and therefore the number of no-shows will decrease considerably. Thanks to that, you will minimise the financial loss resulting from customers forgetting about their appointments and make sure your cancellation policy is respected.

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