Once you enable prepayments, you will be able to enter information about your clients' prepayments to the system. The information will be visible in the appointment book as well as in the customer record. The revenue from prepayments will be accounted for in your financial reports. 

In order to enable prepayments:

  1. Sign in as an administrator
  2. Click settings in the main left sidebar
  3. Click the payments button:
  4. Select Prepayments in the menu on the left
  5. Click the enable prepayments button in the right upper corner:
  6. In point 2. Require prepayments for services click the drop-down menu and select whether prepayments should be enabled for all services from your offer or for selected services only

    Tip: Once you have selected selected services, you can set the prepayment amount for individual services when adding/editing a service. Prepayments will not be required for the remaining services. > Find out how to set the prepayment amount for a service

  7. If you select all services, in point 3. Default prepayment amount enter the default amount that should be required for all services from your offer. You can select a percentage of the service price or a fixed amount of money:Tip: You can also add exceptions for selected services by changing the prepayment amount when adding or editing a service.

  8. Optionally, set the minimum prepayment amount, which can be particularly useful if you set a percentage of the service price in point three. For example, if you set the prepayment amount to 10% and the minimum prepayment amount is €10, then when the service costs €50, your customer will be charged €10 prepayment. However, the required prepayment will never be higher than the price of the service - if the service costs €5, 100% of the price will be charged
  9. Decide whether prepayments should be rounded down to the nearest whole number
  10. By selecting or deselecting the checkbox in point five, decide whether appointments for which customers have not made a prepayment on time should be automatically cancelled. If you select the checkbox, choose whether they should be cancelled 24h, 48h or 72h before:
  11. Click save changes.