With the sender name enabled, instead of the number, the recipient of an SMS will see your company name. Such a message looks professional, but the feature also has its limitations. Before you decide to enable it, please review the terms of use.

What are the consequences of enabling the sender name feature?

  • Instead of the phone number, recipients will see your company name;
  • Customers will not be able to reply to your messages.


  • Customers will not be able to reply to messages;
  • The name cannot be a full phone number;
  • The name cannot be a short number;
  • The name can contain the maximum of 11 characters;
  • Only alphanumeric characters and special characters: space, full stop, dash are allowed;
  • The name cannot contain diacritics (á, ö, ñ, etc.);
  • The name cannot contain 4 or more digits in a row (e.g. Test1111);
  • Misleading names (e.g. Police) are not allowed. Such names will be rejected.