The Versum dashboard displays the most important information about your salon. Thanks to that, you can quickly check the information you need at any given moment. 

To access the dashboard, click Versum at the top of the page:

In the dashboard, you can find graphs which illustrate the financial situation of your salon at a given moment, as well as the trends for the future. By hovering the cursor over a specific place on the graph, you will be able to see the exact value for a given date:

In the activities section, you can find the employee activity log - a list of the most important activities on the salon's account, which gives you an insight into the activity of each employee.

In the upcoming appointments section a list of all upcoming appointments is displayed.

In the tasks section, you can see a list of your planned tasks. You can create new tasks using the plus icon in this section and the system will show reminders about their approaching due dates. Once you've completes a task, you can mark it as complete by selecting the checkbox next to it:

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