Versum is a system that facilitates the work of both salon owners and managers, as well as receptionists and employees performing treatments. 

To make sure that the system is convenient to use and the stored data is secure, each employee should sign in to the system using their individual username (email address) and the set password.

To specify which functions and data employees will have access to, they need to be assigned to one of the following user roles (it can be done when adding an employee or editing their record > See more information):

  • administrator
  • receptionist
  • employee with extended access
  • employee with basic access

For more information about the scope of each user role, see the access levels table

What is more, the Versum system enables employers to limit (or block) access to customers' contact details for employees and receptionists > See how to enable the customer contact details protection mode.

Recommended employee access level configuration

Below you can find some tips on how to configure the employee access level in Versum correctly. 


Every salon using Versum has an administrator account set up. By default, this is the account which was created when registering to the system. It is possible to assign the role of an administrator to more than one account within one salon.

The salon owner, manager or employee with the administrator access level should use an email address which other employees do not have access to. It is important because having access to the email account provided in the account details enables to set up a new password through the password recovery option. An administrator has full access to all data collected in the salon account in Versum and therefore it is vital that the person doesn't lose access to their account. 

Note: Under no circumstances should you share the login details to the salon owner's account. Employees who need the same access level as the owner should have a separate account created and an appropriate user role assigned. 


The access level of a receptionist is more limited than in the case of an administrator. The main difference is that a receptionist has access to financial reports from one day only and their system settings are slightly limited. 

If the customer contact details protection mode is enabled, users with the assigned role of a receptionist have limited access to customers' contact details. 

Employee with extended access

The access level is intended to suit the needs of an employee who stays alone in the salon (without a receptionist) and has to attend customers as well as schedule appointments in the appointment book, add new customers, etc. Such an employee can schedule appointments in their own schedule, as well as in other employees' schedules. An employee with extended access does not have access to statistics and settings.  

Employee with basic access

The access level allows an employee to view their own schedule only and does not give access to customers' contact details. Moreover, they cannot introduce changes to their schedule. 

In order to assign a particular access level to an employee:

  1. Click the settings button in the left sidebar
  2. Click the employees button:
  3. On the list of employees, click the name of the person that you want to assign access level to
  4. Click edit in the top right corner 
  5. In point 4. Access to Versum, click the drop-down menu in c. Access level and select an access level of your choice ( > More on particular types of access levels)

    Tip: If the above options are not available, probably point 4. Access to Versum has been set to Access disabled:

    In such a case, you need to select the Employee can sign in to Versum option first (> More on how to enable sign in for employees):