The report will provide you with information on how many service paskages were sold in a given time period, how many of them were partially and completely redeemed and how many expired. Additionally, the report contains a list of packages sold in a selected period.

Tip: The report is available only if the Gift Cards and Packages add-on has been enabled > More about the Gift Cards add-on

In order to generate the packages report:

  1. Sign in as an administrator or a receptionist (a receptionist can only view the report for the current day)
  2. Click statisticsĀ in the left sidebar
  3. Click Packages in the menu on the left (available only if the add-on has been enabled):

  4. By default, the period for which the report is generated is the last 365 days. You can change the period by clicking the date field at the top of the page and select the desired period: