Probably when you enable the Gift Cards and Packages add-on in Versum, there will already be some packages in circulation at your salon. You can enter them into the system so you can track them and your customers can pay with them. 

Packages which you have sold outside Versum are added to the system using a package template. Create your template to suit the packages in circulation to make the process easier. » More about creating templates

In order to enter existing packages to Versum:

  1. Sign in to Versum as an administrator or a receptionist
  2. Click settings in the main left sidebar:

  3. Click the gift cards and packages button in the Add-ons section:

  4. Go to the Packages tab. On the list of templates, click the name of the template you will use to add packages
  5. Once you've selected a template, click the more button on the right and select add existing packages:
  6. Fill in the form:
    - card ID: the number of the package (alphanumeric)
    - buyer: the customer who purchased the package
    - owner: fill in this field if the package is used by a different person than the buyer (e.g. a gift)
    - services: services the package can be redeemed for
    - valid until: expiry date
    - date sold: the day when the package was sold outside Versum
    - inscription: a note, e.g. wishes, visible to the customer on the package printout and in the online booking panel (both the buyer and the owner)
  7. After filling in the form, click save and add another
  8. Repeat if you'd like to add more packages, otherwise click close