If a customer leaves a tip while buying a product, you can take this into account when you add a sale in Versum. The tip will be assigned to the employee's account and included in the statistics, which will significantly facilitate subsequent settlement of the employee's remuneration.

You can also add tips when finalising your calendar appointments. > More on this topic

To add a tip when placing a sale in Versum:

  1. Click inventory in the main left sidebar
  2. Click the add sale button:

  3. The product sale form will be displayed. Complete the fields as for a standard sale (> More on this), then click the add tip button at the bottom of the form:

  4. The default tip is 10% of the amount the customer pays (including an optional discount, when applicable). You can change the tip amount by typing the appropriate sum or percentage in the tip field:

    Tip: You can also change the default percentage of tip > More on this topic

  5. To change the form of payment, click the cash drop-down menu in the tip field and select the appropriate option (cash, payment card, check)
  6. By default, the tip will be assigned to the employee entering the sale (the logged-in user). To change the employee to whom you want to assign the tip, click the employee drop-down menu and select the employee's name or type it in the search field
  7. Click save
  8. If all the fields of the sale form have been completed, click the complete sale button.