Versum allows you to track tips that the customer leaves when paying for an appointment. The tip is assigned to the employee's account and included in statistics and reports, which significantly facilitates the settlement of the employee's remuneration.

You can also add tips while raising a sale in the inventory module.

To add a tip when checking out an appointment:

  1. Go to the appointment book (click appt book in the main sidebar on the left)
  2. Click the appointment you'd like to assign the tip to, and then click check out appointment > More on checking out appointments
  3. Click the add tip button in the bottom section of the form:
  4. The default tip is 10% of the amount the customer pays (after any optional discounts). You can change the tip value by entering the appropriate amount or percentage:

    Tip: You can also change the default percentage of tip > More on this topic

  5. To change payment form, click the cash drop-down menu and select the appropriate option (cash, credit card, check)
  6. To change the employee to whom you want to assign the tip, click the employee drop-down menu and select the employee's name or type it in the search box
  7. Click save
  8. If all the fields of the checkout form have been completed, click the check out appointment button.

The tip will be saved in the appointment history and also included in statistics: the financial report, the cash report (if the customer left a tip in cash) and the tips report.