If a staff member is unavailable only for some time during the day, you can add a break to his or her roster. During this time, the employee will not be available for online booking.

In to add a break in an employee's roster:

  1. Click the settings button in the main left sidebar
  2. Click the schedules button
  3. You will see employee rosters for the current week. The rosters are aligned horizontally:
  4. Click the day during which you'd like to enter a break.
    Tip: To change weeks, use the calendar field above rosters.

  5. Click the drop down menus from and to to select a time range before the break when the employee will be available (e.g. 9am-12pm):
  6. Click Add range on the right:
  7. Clear the Working checkbox for the new range:
  8. Optionally, click the reason drop-down menu and select the relevant option (break, training, other).
  9. Click the from and to drop down menus for the new range to determine when the employee will not be available for booking (e.g. 12pm-1pm)
  10. Click Add range again and select the time period when the employee will be back at work (e.g. 1pm-6pm):
    Tip: Adding more ranges in an analogous way, you can create multiple breaks.

  11. Click save below the roster: