Apart from default commission rates for services, products and gift cards, Versum also allows you to set up commissions for specific services, products as well as service and product categories. We call them "exceptions" because unlike default commission rates, they work only for specified products and services.

Commission rate hierarchy

Default commission rates relate to all services, products and gift cards. If an exception has been added for a category, it will overwrite the default rate. In turn, an exception for a specific service or product overwrites an exception for a category.

Sample scenario:

An employee has a default 10% commission rate for services, a 15% rate for the service category "Hair" and a 20% commission rate for the service "Ladies' Cut", which belongs to the "Hair" category. If the employee performs the "Ladies' Cut" service, she will receive a 20% commission. If she performs any other service from the "Hair" category (e.g. a "Men's Cut"), she will receive a 15% commission. If she performs any other service which does not belong to the category, she will receive a 10% commission.

In order to set up an employee's commission rates for specific services, products and categories:

  1. Click settings in the main left sidebar
  2. Click the employees button
  3. Click the name of the employee you'd like to set commission rates for
  4. In the commissions tab, click set up commissions on the right:
  5. To add an exception for a service or a service category, click the relevant button within the Exceptions section, under the Services tab:
    In order to add an exception for a product or a product category, first click the Products tab, then click the relevant button:
  6. Select a service, a service category, a product, or a product category from the list
  7. In the Commission column, enter the value of the commission:
  8. In the commission type field, click the drop down menu and decide if the commission value is a percentage or an amount
  9. To add more exceptions, repeat steps 6-8, selecting more services, products and categories
  10. When you've finished, click save at the bottom of the form.

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