Versum allows you to collectively check out appointments assigned to different customers. If you attend a group of customers (e.g. friends or relatives), you can add all their appointments to the checkout window and complete their appointments simultaneously. 

In order to check out several customers' appointments collectively:

  1. Click the appt book button in the main navigation sidebar on the left
  2. Click the appointment you want to check out
  3. Click the check out appointment button
  4. Click the add another appointment option below the services list:

  5. Versum will display a list of all pending appointments in a given day. Click the select option next to an appointment you want to add:

    Note: You can quickly find the appointment you want to add by typing the customer's name or other details in the available search field or sorting columns by their headings.
  6. Make sure all details are correct
  7. Click the check out appointments button at the bottom of the checkout form: