In order to add an employee:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar:

  2. Go to employees
  3. Click add employee in the right upper corner
  4. Fill in personal details
  5. If the employee should be able to sign in to Versum, in the field 4. Access to Versum select Employee can sign in to Versum. Enter the employee's email address. You can send the employee an invitation for the employee to create a password themselves or create the password manually. Choose a user role. It will be used to set a particular access level to data and features. Before assigning the user role, please familiarise yourself with the user permissions table
  6. If the employee should have their own appointment book (planner), select the option Show the employee in the appointment book
  7. Fill in the remaining fields. Employees other than administrators and receptionists should be assigned to at least one service category. The description and the picture will be visible in the online booking panel.
  8. Once all details have been entered, click add employee.

In order to edit or delete an employee:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar
  2. Go to employees
  3. Click the name of the employee you'd like to edit or remove (you can use the search field)
  4. In the right upper corner, click edit or more > Delete employee, depending on what you'd like to do.