Once you enable the feature of prepayments, you will be able to enter information about your clients' prepayments into the system. The information will be visible when adding and editing an appointment and in the customer record. The revenue from prepayments will be accounted for in your financial reports. 

In order to enable prepayments:

  1. Log in as an administrator
  2. Click settings in the main left sidebar
  3. Click the prepayments button:
  4. Click the enable prepayments button in the right upper corner:
  5. Configure the prepayments settings:
    • Default prepayment amount - set the defulat prepayment amount for all services in your salon. You can select a percentage or a fixed amount. You will have the possibility to set exceptions for particular services when adding a new service or editing an existing one.
    • Minimum prepayment amount - choose whether you want to set a minimum prepayment amount that will apply to all services and if so, specify the minimum amount.
    • Round prepayment amounts down to the nearest whole number 
    - determine whether prepayment amounts should be rounded down to the nearest whole number. This function may be particularly useful if you set the defult prepayment amount as a percentage.

  6. Click save changes.