All customer reviews can be found in the online booking panel and in the messages > reviews section. However, sometimes you might want to check reviews added by a particular customer or related to a particular service, employee, etc. 

Customer reviews are displayed:

  1. In the system:

    the reviews section in the customer record (customers > customer record > reviews) - to see the list of all reviews added by a particular customer:

    - the statistics section > reviews report - to see the average rating and the number of reviews in total, by employee and by service, in a selected period:

    - the messages > reviews section - to see all added reviews:

    - the reviews section in the service record - to see the list of reviews added for a particular service:

  2. In the online booking site: 

    - the reviews section - to see all customer reviews

  3. In a customer's record in the online booking site:

    my account > reviews - to see the list of reviews added by customers who were logged in: