Versum enables you to link employee schedules with Google Calendar.

This way employees who have appointments scheduled in different salons can access them from a single location.
They can do that at any moment without having to log in to Versum.

With Google Calendar on their mobile devices, they always have their appointment schedules at close hand.


In order to link an employee schedule with Google Calendar:

  1. Sign in to the Versum system
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click employees
  4. Select an employee whose schedule you want to link with Google Calendar
  5. Go to the Google Account tab:

  6. Click the Link with Google Calendar button:
  7. Enter your Google account details
  8. Click the Allow access button
  9. Check Google Calendar to make sure the Versum schedule has been successfully linked.

All changes made to the Versum schedule will be automatically synchronised with Google Calendar. Please note that the synchronization takes place only in one direction. This means that changes made in Google Calendar will not be visible in the Versum schedule. Any changes in scheduled appointments should be made directly in Versum.

The following details are synchronised with Google Calendar:

  • appointment starting date and time
  • appointment ending date and time
  • customer's name and surname
  • scheduled services
  • appointment status
  • appointment description

You can disable the connection between Google Calendar and Versum at any moment. All you need to do is to open an employee's record, go to the Google Account tab and click the Unlink Google Account button.