Access to the Versum system is billed in advance on a monthly basis. No activation fees. No long-term contracts. You decide how long you want to stay with us. 

Subscription entitles you to:

  • access to the Versum system
  • the online booking feature (can be disabled)
  • automatic SMS and email appointment reminders
  • system updates
  • handling and securing salon data in a professional manner
  • database backups
  • renewable package of 50 free SMS text messages
  • technical support

Subscription plans

The subscription fee depends on the number of employee calendars (i.e. the number of employees who can schedule appointments in the appointment book). 

For detailed and up-to-date information on available subscription plans, please refer to

Free trial period

You are most welcome to test Versum for free. By signing up on our website, you can use a free 14-days trial period. You can also purchase a subscription for 3 months and see how well the system will do over a longer period of time.

You will be amazed at how much Versum can help you with your daily tasks.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at

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