Selling a gift card, you can add additional notes to it - the memo and the inscription. To do this, during the sale go to the notes tab, and then fill in the appropriate box:

Tip: Providing this information is optional. » Learn more about selling gift cards


Memo contains information for other employees of the salon and is not accessible for customers. For example, you can use it to communicate to other staff members that the voucher was intended as a birthday gift. Thanks to that, the cashier will be able to wish the customer all the best for their birthday.

Note is visible in several places, including:

  • gift card details in the customer records, under the gift cards tab:
  • after clicking the gift card's name on the list of sold gift cards:
  • while selecting a gift card from the list during appointment checkout (» Learn more about paying for appointments with gift cards)

  • in the appointment checkout window, after selecting a gift card (as mentioned above)


Inscription is a message from the buyer of a voucher for the person who is going to receive the voucher. Dedication will be visible:

  • On the PDF file containing the print-friendly voucher ready to print, sent together with the purchase confirmation message to the buyer of the voucher
  • in the online account of the owner of the gift card, if the gift card has been used at least once. The owner of the gift card will be able to download the PDF version of the gift card
  • in the gift card details visible to the staff members logged in to Versum.