Versum allows you to use gift cards (vouchers) as a payment method for appointments and products. Paying for appointments with gift cards is very similar to using other forms of payment. The difference is that you enter the number of a gift card or select it from the list of gift cards belonging to the customer. Once the appointment is checked out, Versum will automatically update the remaining amount to be used (the balance of the voucher).

If the balance drops to zero, the status changes to "redeemed". There is no way to recharge a voucher for further use.

Tip: You can pay for products in the same way as you would with an appointment: just select it as a payment form.

To pay for an appointment with a gift card:

  1. Click an appointment you'd like to check out, then click check out appointment » More on checking out appointments

    Tip: If the customer has any gift cards, a blue icon will show next to his or her name in the appointment checkout window. If you hover over the icon with the mouse cursor, the number of gift cards will be shown:

  2. In the Paid field, click the drop-down menu and select gift card:

  3. Enter the number of the customer's gift card in the ID box or click the browse button to find gift cards belonging to the customer:

    if you have clicked browse, click use next to the gift card the customer is paying with:

    Note: If you sell both types of gift cards - SPV and MPV, remember that single-purpose vouchers can only be used as a method of payment for services to which the VAT rate specified when creating the template applies. Checking out an appointment with services to which a higher VAT rate applies will not be possible.

  4. After selecting a gift card and filling out the remaining information in the form (» More on checking out appointments), click check out appointment.