Each sold gift card or package is automatically added to the list of sold gift cards and packages, available in the add-on settings. You can view gift cards or packages according to a specific status (all, active, used, expired) and the date of sale. You can also save the list to an Excel file.

Tip: The list of gift cards and packages purchased by a particular customer is in his or her customer record, under the gift cards and packages tab.

To view the list of sold gift cards or packages:

  1. Sign in as an administrator or receptionist
  2. Click settings in the main left sidebar
  3. In the Add-on settings section, click the gift cards and packages button
  4. In the left menu, click Sold gift cards:

    Tip: To see a list of sold service gift cards, click the service gift cards tab next. To see a list of sold packages, click the packages tab next:
  5. The list shows the gift cards/packages which were sold during the given period

    • To change the period, click the date field at the top of the page:
    • To view gift cards/packages according to a specific status, click the drop-down menu all, then select the appropriate option:

    • To find a specific gift card or package, enter its number (ID) in the search box:

    • To save the list to a file, click save as excel file:
    • To view the details of a gift card or a package, click its name in the name column:

Tip: You can also view a list of gift cards or packages created with a specific template by clicking its name on the list of templates in the add-on settings > More about this