Versum allows you to account for complex room and equipment booking scenarios. Using the two types of resource relationships, defined by the logical operators: and, or, you can allow for the most complex scenarios of resource utilisation.

The or operator

If providing a service requires the use of any of several resources, assign them to the service using the or operator.

For example, the service "Laser Hair Removal" may require the use of either "Room 1" or "Room 2". If you schedule an appointment with this service, one of these resources will be automatically reserved. If you schedule a second appointment with this service for the same time slot, the other resource will be reserved automatically. Upon an attempt to schedule a third appointment, you will receive a message saying that the required resources have been already reserved. You will be able to change the date and time of the appointment, or ignore the message and add the appointment anyway. Your customers will not see any messages of this kind - time slots with all required resources busy will simply not appear, so they will not be able to book appointments for that time.

The and operator

If providing a service requires the use of all assigned resources, assign them to the service using the and operator.

For example, the service "Full Body Massage" may require the use of both a "Massage Room" and a "Massage Table". In this case, you should assign both these resources to the service using the and operator. If you add an appointment with this service to an employee's planner, it will also appear in planners of both assigned resources, and they will be reserved for the duration of the appointment.

You can also assign more resources, e.g. the service "Pedicure" may require the resource "Room 1" and the resource "Pedicure chair" and the resource "Pedicure machine", etc.

Using both operators for the same service

In order to take into account more complex scenarios, you can use both resource relationship types at the same time.

For example, the service "Full body massage" may require the resource "massage room" and  the resource "massage table 1" or "massage table 2". If you book an appointment with such a service, Versum will automatically reserve "room 1" and one of the other assigned resources: "massage table 1" or "massage table 2".