After you enable the Resources add-on, add resources (equipment and rooms), so that you can subsequently assign them to specific services. 

To add a new device or room:

  1. Sign in as an administrator 
  2. Click the settings button in the left sidebar:

  3. In the Add-on settings section, click resources (the option will be visible only if the resources add-on has been enabled - learn how to enable resources):

  4. In the right upper corner, click add a resource:

  5. Fill-in the form, entering the name of the resource, the category and a description (optionally)

  6. If the resource is available throughout the opening hours, make sure the Available during opening hours checkbox is selected. If the resource is available only on certain days or at a certain time of a day, deselect the checkbox. In such a case, you will need to arrange the availability schedule manually

  7. After entering all the data, click the save resource button.