After you launch and configure the Resources add-on, it will run automatically most of the time. You just need to select a service while adding or editing an appointment, and the assigned resource or resources will be automatically reserved for the service duration. First, however, you need to enable the add-on, add your rooms and equipment and assign them to respective services. 

To launch and configure the Resources add-on:

  1. Enable the Resources add-on > Learn how to do it 
  2. Create a list of available resources - equipment and facilities > Learn how to do it 
  3. Assign resources to existing services: You can do that either > from the service record; or > from the resource record, or > assign multiple services at once. 

Once you've finished configuring the add-on, you will be able to:

  • Streamline appointment booking:
    - Automatically reserve resources during appointment scheduling
    - Edit appointments to change the default resource

  • Efficiently manage available equipment and rooms:
    - Determine the availability of resources (arrange schedules)
    - Monitor the statistics of resources - utilisation time of equipment and rooms, generated revenue
    - Edit and delete resources
    - Determine relationships between resources - require X and Y, require X or Y, etc.
    - Add, edit and delete categories of resources
    - Change the order of resources in the appointment book

  • Make all your services available for online booking, including those that require the use of particular equipment or facilities.