Thanks to the Resources add-on, the required equipment and rooms will be booked automatically during appointment scheduling. This way you will eliminate the risk of booking multiple concurrent appointments that require the same resources. Versum's got your back!

Check which resources generate the highest revenue

Resource stats will give you detailed information on equipment and room occupancy and generated revenue, allowing you to check whether they are utilised in the most effective way. Knowledge about the ROI of your equipment will allow you to take the right decisions when considering future investments.

How does the Resources add-on work?

Just like service providers, resources have their own appointment planners. If you add an appointment containing a service which requires using a particular resource, it will be reserved automatically. The appointment will show both in the employee's and the resource's planners. No need to add separate appointments!
What's more, when you try to schedule a service requiring a given resource which has been reserved for that time, you will receive a pop-up message saying that the equipment or room is not available in the selected time slot.

Reliable online booking

Using online booking, your customers will be able to schedule appointments only when both required staff and resources are available (resources and planners will not be visible for customers). You can be safe in the knowledge that no conflicting appointments will be booked!