Regular customers generate most revenue and a constant growth of your business is possible only when you get more of them. The Loyalty Program add-on will help you build lasting relations and engage customers. The program is based on the idea of participants accumulating loyalty points, which can be redeemed for rewards.

Build customer loyalty

With a similar service quality, customers will always turn to the service provider that gives them that something extra. The Loyalty Program does an amazing job here, effectively encouraging customers to stay loyal to your business. They will never choose the competition as it would mean losing their benefits.

Increase revenue

Simply giving your customers a discount means you get paid less than you should. The loyalty program does not lower your revenue - it increases it. It's because customers still pay regular prices. Even better, they are more inclined to buy additional products and services, because doing so will give them additional points that will help them get their dream prizes.

Take advantage of natural opportunities for contact

The Loyalty Program gives you new opportunities to communicate with your customers (e.g. a notification about earned points). Such communication is unimposing and welcomed by customers. And you don't need to lift a finger - it's automatic. Staying in touch with your customers is a perfect way to build a lasting relationship with your brand.

Use the reward system to promote your offer

Promote your services and products by adding them the list of rewards. If customers have a chance to redeem a new service for their accumulated loyalty points, they are more likely to try it than if they were to pay. Once they are happy with the service, they will pay with cash or credit card the next time.   

Minimum effort, maximum loyalty

You don't need to remember to award points to customers - the process is fully automatic. Versum will also store all information on points and rewards, send messages to customers, as well as inform you how well your loyalty program is doing.