You get new customers every day. But how many of them will come back? Marketing Automation will help you encourage them to return and stay for good. Versum analyses customers' appointment history and chooses the right time to automatically send them messages with special offers or invitations for subsequent visits.

Incite your customers to take action

Effectively using natural opportunities to contact your customers, Marketing Automation will allow you to stay in touch with them long after their last visit. Among others, it will send automatic invitations for check-up visits or offer products that will maximise the effects of services used by customers.

Stop losing customers

If customers don't book appointments for a longer period of time, you may lose them. Now you can win them back and make sure they don't choose your competition.

Marketing Automation checks daily which of your customers haven't scheduled a visit for a specified period. If there are such customers, it will send them a message with a special offer prepared according to your template.

Encourage customers to visit you on a regular basis

Some services need to be performed a number of times for the customer to notice the positive effects they have. In order to achieve that, you need to encourage customers to book several appointments. Marketing Automation will do the job for you, sending automatic invitations to customers who haven't scheduled subsequent visits.

Watch your business grow

Promotional campaign effectiveness stats will tell you how many customers returned to your business and how much they have spent. You can check which of your promotional campaigns are most effective and which messages work best. All this will help you make the most of your marketing strategy and increase its efficiency.

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