In order to sell gift cards, you need to use templates. In Versum, you can create amount and service gift card templates. 


When creating a template, you need to select whether the gift card will be considered a single-purpose voucher (SPV) or multi-purpose voucher (MPV):


A single-purpose voucher (SPV) is subject to the VAT obligation already upon its sale. Since the VAT rate applicable to the voucher is known at the time of sale, a receipt must be issued. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the VAT rate for a given template already when creating it. Customers can redeem the purchased gift card only for services which the selected VAT rate applies to.


A multi-purpose voucher (MPV) is subject to the VAT obligation only when the voucher is redeemed for services. It can be used to pay for any services, so it is not possible to determine the VAT rate at the time of sale. Therefore, a receipt will be printed when checking out the appointment with the gift card selected as the method of payment, and it will include particular services, instead of the gift card itself. 

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