If the device authorisation access restriction is enabled, logging in on a given device is possible only if the device has been authorised. You can authorise a device by signing in to Versum on the device or remotely.

In order to authorise a device remotely:

When trying to sign in to the system on a new device (e.g. a home computer or a smartphone), an employee can request authorisation for the device. The request, with details about the person requesting and the device will be sent to the administrator's email address. After clicking the button in the email, the device used by the employee will be automatically added to the list of authorised devices. 

Instruction for an employee:

  1. Sign in to your account in Versum
  2. When trying to sign in, you will see the following message:
  3. Click the request authorisation for this device link

    Note: If you don't see the link along with the message, it means that another access restriction has been enabled, apart from device authorisation.

  4. Once you click the link, you will see the following message: "Authorisation request has been sent." The administrator will receive an authorisation request and once they have accepted it, you will be able to sign in from the device. 

Instruction for the administrator:

  1. Once an employee clicks the request authorisation for this device button, a request will be sent to your email address. The email will contain information about the person requesting, their IP address and the device they used to send the request (the operating system, browser)
  2. If you want to authorise the device, click the authorise the device button in the email you received.