How does this restriction work?

Once you enable this type of access restriction, employees with access levels other than the administrator will be able to log in only with devices using an authorised static IP address. For all ends and purposes, it means they will be able to sign in only from the network in a particular location. If employees switch locations, you will be able to authorise multiple IP addresses.

Administrators will be able to sign in using any IP address.

What should I pay attention to?

Before you enable this feature, confirm with your ISP that you use a static IP address. If you whitelist a dynamic IP address, once you disconnect from the network and then connect again, it may turn out that employees will not be able to sign in: the IP address will change and Versum will block access in accordance with this restriction. 

In order to set up the IP Address Authorisation restriction access:

  1. Log in as an administrator
  2. Click settings in the left sidebar
  3. In the Add-on settings section, click access restriction
  4. Click IP Address Authorisation in the menu on the left:

  5. Click configure & activate in the right upper corner
  6. Enter the IP address which you want to authorise in order to add it to the whitelist:
  7. Define which access levels the restriction should apply to. In the example below, the restriction applies to employees with extended access and receptionists, while employees with basic access are able to log in without any limitations:
  8. Click the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page and select restriction enabled:
  9. Click save.