After enabling the Resources add-on and assigning the equipment and rooms to services, resources will be automatically booked when adding appointments - if you add an appointment with a service to which a resource is assigned, it will be automatically booked and the appointment will appear in the resource planner as well.

Adding appointments with automatic resources booking:

  1. Click appt book in the left sidebar
  2. Click a time slot in an employee's planner and enter the customer's name, surname and phone number in the Customer section, and the name of the service in the Service section > More on adding new appointments

    Tip: In order for appropriate resources to be automatically booked upon choosing a service, they first need to be assigned to the service. > More on assigning resources to services

  3. After selecting a service with assigned resources, you will see a resources icon and the employee's initials next to the service name. Upon hovering the cursor over the resources icon, you will see a list of assigned resources:

    Tip: You can click the resources icon to display the list and introduce changes quickly.

  4. After introducing all the necessary changes, click add appointment. The appointment will appear in the appointment book, both in an employee's planner and in the assigned resource's planner.