The Loyalty Program add-on gives you the possibility to edit the default rewards and add your own custom ones. Thanks to that, you can fully adjust the add-on to your needs - for example add services and products that you want to promote to the list of rewards.

In order to add a reward:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar
  2. In settings, click the loyalty program button:
  3. Click Rewards in the menu on the left:

  4. Click add reward in the right upper corner
  5. Enter the name of the reward
  6. In point 2. Number of pointsenter the number of points that a customer needs to collect to be able to select the reward. The points will be deducted from customers' accounts upon collecting the reward
  7. Select the checkbox in point 3. Promoted reward if you want the reward to be featured on the first page of the catalogue in the online booking panel
  8. Click add photos to add a photo next to the reward on the list in the online booking panel

    Tip: It is particularly important in the case of promoted rewards.

  9. If you find the information you've added up to this point sufficient, click save. If you wish to add some more information, such as e.g. the availability of the reward, follow the instructions below. 

Adding a reward - additional information:

You can add the following information on top of what you have already added:

Active reward - if at some point you decide to deactivate the reward, deselect this checkbox instead of deleting the reward. You can always activate it again in the future if need be.

Category - 
choose the category of the reward to be displayed in the online booking panel. If you offer a lot of rewards, only a given category will be displayed in the online booking panel.

Quantity - 
you can determine the number of available rewards, if a given prize is available in a limited amount. The information about the number of available rewards will help you keep the list of rewards in the online booking panel up to date.

Additional payment upon receipt - 
you can determine how much the customer will have to pay extra to receive the reward (on top of the Loyalty Program points deducted from their account). 

Description - 
the description of the reward will be visible to customers in the online booking panel, after clicking the name of the reward. In the description, you can add why it's worth to choose a particular reward.

After you have added all the information, click save at the bottom of the page.