Loyalty Program test mode - what is it?

The test mode is a function of the Loyalty Program, which allows you to safely configure this add-on and become familiar with its functions before informing clients about the possibility of joining the program. In test mode, the Loyalty Program and all the related activities are invisible to clients. They are not informed about the awarded points, and the points earned are reset at the moment of switching to the operating mode, i.e. when the Loyalty Program is launched in the form available to customers. Thanks to this, you can change the settings of the add-on at any time, e.g. the number of points awarded for a given activity.

Loyalty Program test mode - how it works and how it's different from the operation mode

The test mode works in the same way as the operation mode in that points are awarded to customers for activities previously determined in the add-on settings (such as, for instance, an effective recommendation of the salon) and then accrued in their accounts. The difference is that customers do not receive information about the number of points, nor can they check their number after logging in to their account in the online booking panel. 

After launching the Loyalty Program in the operation mode:

- customers will start receiving automatic Loyalty Program messages (you can configure these settings in the add-on settings).

- the LOYALTY PROGRAM tab will appear in the online booking panel, where customers will be able to check the rewards as well as the terms and conditions

- after logging in to their account, customers will have the option of joining the Loyalty Program and once they join, they will be able to check the number of collected points and choose the rewards.

Test mode and trial period

The test mode is not the same as the trial period. The test mode is a special mode of operation of the Loyalty Program, which gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with how the add-on works, while the trial period refers to the 14 days when you can use the Loyalty Program add-on for free, before making the decision about buying it. You can start the operation mode of the add-on during the free trial period, but it is highly recommended to try out the Loyalty Program in the test mode beforehand.