Once you've enabled the PayPal Payments add-on, your customers will be able to pay for their appointments online, while booking an appointment. 

The following article presents the process from the customer's perspective. 

Paying for an appointment online - the customer's perspective:

In order to book an appointment online and pay for the service, the customer needs to:

  1. Enter the online booking site
  2. Select a service by clicking the BOOK button:

  3. Select a service provider 
  4. Select an available time slot
  6. In the next step, the customer either will be able to select Pay with PayPal / Pay in person, or Pay with PayPal will be the only available option, depending on how PayPal Payments have been configured:

  7. If the customer selects PAY IN PERSON, the appointment will be booked, and the customer will be able to pay in the salon, after the appointment.
    If the customer selects Pay with PayPal, a pop up window will appear, allowing the customer to either log in to their PayPal account, or pay with a debit or credit card:

  8. Follow the instructions presented in the PayPal pop-up window. Once the transaction has been completed, you will be redirected to the upcoming appointments section in the online booking site: