This feature will allow your clients to pay for appointments with PayPal, while booking appointments over the Internet. 

To get started with the PayPal Payments add-on, you first need to enable it in the add-ons module, then link a business PayPal account. Finally, you need to configure the add-on.

Enabling the PayPal Payments add-on:

  1. Sign in to your Versum account as an administrator
  2. Click the add-ons button in the left bottom corner
  3. Click the PayPal Payments tile
  4. If you haven't done so yet, read the add-on description to get some basic information (you can also find it here). Next, click the enable add-on button:

Linking a business PayPal account:

  1. Once you've enabled the add-on, the PayPal payments starting page will be displayed. Click the Log in with PayPal button in the right upper corner:
  2. The PayPal log in pop-up will appear. Enter your credentials (email and password) and click Log In.

    Tip: You need to use a business account.

  3. Click Agree to give Versum permission to access your PayPal account. The permission is necessary to transfer payments.

Configuring the PayPal Payments add-on in Versum:

  1. After linking your Versum and PayPal accounts, you will be redirected to the PayPal Payments settings page in Versum. 
  2. Click edit in the right upper corner
  3. In point 1, check if the right PayPal account has been linked
  4. In point 2, select the enabled radio button to activate online payments
  5. In point 3, decide if the payment will be required or optional:
    - required: full advance payment will be necessary required for each booking made online (meaning customers have to pay using a PayPal account or a payment card to book appointments online).
    - optional: customers will be able to choose if they want to pay in advance while booking online, or pay in person (they will be able to book an appointment without paying and pay in person after the appointment).
  6. Click the apply settings button.