You can integrate your Versum online booking website with a Google Analytics account. It will allow you to check how many clients visits your site and book appointments. 

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> Google Analytics Help Center

In order to set up Google Analytics on the online booking microsite:

  1. If you do not have a Google Analytics account yet, sign up here
  2. Once you have a Google Analytics account, you need to get (> Learn how to do that) and copy your tracking code
  3. Sign in to Versum as an administrator
  4. Go to settings, click the online booking button and click Google Analytics in the menu on the left:


  5. In the Google Analytics section, click add javascript code:


  6. Paste the javascript code and click apply settings. Website data will be displayed in your Google Analytics account.
  7. In a similar way, you can also check how many visitors book appointments, In order to do that, click add javascript code in the section JavaScript code on the conversion page (booking confirmation), paste the code, and click apply settings.