For your clients, gift cards are a great gift idea and convenience. For your salon, they are a way of getting additional revenue and an effective method of promotion.

The Gift Cards add-on will help you take full advantage of their potential and streamline all related activities.

Gift card management has never been so easy!

Creating and selling gift cards, using them as a payment method, tracking balance - the Gift Cards add-on will help you with every aspect of gift card management. The whole process is easy to learn and takes literally a few steps.

Efficient gift card selling and tracking

Individual gift cards are generated with the use of previously created templates. You can decide what gift cards can be redeemed for (all or selected services and products) and specify their value and expiry date. A list of sold gift cards is available in the add-on settings and the customer records of buyers, who also receive automatic purchase confirmation messages. Clients can also view the list of gift cards they purchased by signing in to their online booking account. If you already offer gift cards at your salon, the Gift Card add-on will allow you to enter and settle the cards which are in circulation.

Convenient payment with gift cards

You can use gift cards as a payment form during appointment checkout. Simply enter the gift card number, or select it from the list of gift cards purchased by the customer. The due amount will be automatically deducted from the balance of the redeemed card. Available statistics will provide you with valuable data on the number of gift cards sold, generated revenue and other useful information.

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