In order to quickly find customers who stopped using your services, you can use the no appointments booked search criterion (more on search criteria >).

Once you've identified such customers, you can quickly send them a message that will help you win them back.

Tip: If you use the Marketing Automation add-on, you can set up a campaign that will automatically find customers who stopped visiting you and send them a message encouraging them to come back. Therefore you will not need to go through the process manually - Versum will do it for you.

In order to do that:

  1. Click customers in the left sidebar
  2. Expand the search criteria section on the left, by clicking the + more option:

  3. Select the no appointments booked filter
  4. Click the calendar icon and select a period you would like to check:

  5. Click apply
  6. Versum will display customers who don't have any appointments in the selected period

If you'd like to send the customers a message to encourage them to book another appointment:

  1. (Follow the steps 1-6 above)
  2. Select the select all check box:

  3. Click the actions button in the right upper corner and select send a message: