After creating a new resource, you can assign services to it in the resource record.

In order to assign services to a resource in the resource record:

  1. Log in to Versum as an administrator
  2. Click settings in the left sidebar
  3. In the Add-on settings section, click the resources button
  4. In the resources table, click the name of the resource which you want to assign a service to:

  5. Click related services in the menu on the left:

  6. Click assign to a service in the right upper corner
  7. Click the drop-down menu Service and enter the name of the service which you want to assign o a resource and select it from the list:

  8. The resource which the service is assigned to will be displayed as required by default. If performing the service requires multiple resources, use the and and or operators to add them

    - or - use this operator if providing a service requires the use of any of several resources (e.g. the service "Laser Hair Removal" may require the use of either "Laser 1" or "Laser 2")

    Resource priorities - if you create a group of resources with the use of the or operator, you can optionally assign priority to one of them, which will determine which of them should be booked first > More on resource priorities

    - and - use this operator if providing a service requires the use of all assigned resources (e.g. the service "Full Body Massage" may require the use of both a "Massage Room" and a "Massage Table" - a room as well as a device)
    > More on resource relationship types

    You can also use both operators at the same time - e.g. the service "Full body massage" may require the resource "massage room" and  the resource "massage table 1" or "massage table 2"

  9. Once you have added all necessary information, click save.