If you already have GDPR data processing agreements collected outside Versum, you can easily mark them as accepted in your customer database in Versum. Simply go the the customers module and select customers who have accepted a given consent, then collectively change the state of GDPR consents with a click of a button. You can select individual customers, a specific group, or all customers. In the same way, you can mark previously accepted agreements as not accepted.

To determine the state of data processing agreements for multiple customers at once:

  1. Sign in as an administrator or a receptionist
  2. Go to the customers module
  3. Select the customers for whom you want to set the GDPR agreements status. You can select a group from the menu on the left, use search criteria (filters), or select individual customers in the list. You can also select all customers by checking the box above the list of customers:

  4. In the upper right corner, click the actions button and select the GDPR consents status option:

  5. Choose the agreement for which you want to set the status from the consent drop-down menu and then the operation you want to perform: Accept or Do not accept or withdraw acceptance
  6. Click the update consents status button to determine the state of GDPR consents.